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Mastering my craft of the natural healing arts is my life long purpose and service to you. With classical homeopathy as my solid foundation, I recognise that healing needs to be a multi modality approach. When skilfully and intuitively selecting your remedies based on the totality of the case and law of similars you can be reassured we will start to bring inner healing and transformation.

This is truly both a magical and scientific system of medicine using timeless and time tested arts including the memory of water in the preparations.

Working with the energetic remedies and using many tools , such as sound therapy, reiki, sacred oils, meditation, breath work and Indian scalp massage. Gained through the years of-holistic healing techniques we will begin the journey of equilibrium. It’s no coincidence that the lotus flower is used to depict homeopathy and healing as there are times during such deep healing and transformation it may feel we are in the mud often felt as being stuck or overwhelmed but it is here that the lotus is born.

Working to recognise what the body is saying in the disharmony and disease seen and felt as symptoms. We begin to inner-stand exactly what is needed to heal. As a professional I am trained in listening and holding space allowing the imbalance to be witnessed and released from the body and at times the soul .Acknowledgment of deep traumas and soul wounds so often hidden and locked within . We will work together to bring healing and light – holistically.

Like the lotus that pushes through the mud to find the clearer waters to flow once more …enabling the beauty and majesty to be seen by the world.

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So.. I invite you to take this ancient and healing pathway and make the journey for the body, mind and soul.

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