Holistic Somatic Therapy

Homoeopathy is an effective, safe, gentle complementary treatment. A complete system of medicine, which uses remedies from a wide range of natural resources. The remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive and can be used by the young (including babies) and old alike. Suitable for pregnancy too! Not tested on animals.

Homoeopathy recognises that symptoms are the by product of an inner disorder. It takes into account the condition of the whole person and works by re-balancing and strengthening the body’s own healing mechanism.

Classical Homeopathy

£90.00 – 1st consultation including remedy
£70.00 – Follow up appointments.

£70.00 – Children 1st consultation
£55.00 – Follow ups including remedy.

Indian Scalp Massage

£45.00 –  30min practice 

A Hands on somatic therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years. Originating in India. Focusing on acupressure points in the head face and neck.

Therapeutic benefits include release of toxins and tension, increased blood flow to the brain which in turn increases oxygen and lessons inflammation. Perfect for anxiety, depression, aids sleep. Helps restore balance and equilibrium. Stimulates hair follicles and growth.

Using our very own 100% organic pure sacred essential oils during the treatment.

Scientifically proven the use of aromatherapy oils help by inhalation bringing in the olfactory nervous system as well as touch during the massage, positively helps the brain to recover and restore balance. Making this a ancient holistic art form.

Flower & Seed Essence

£45.00 –  1 hour practice

Flower and Seed Essence is a bespoke one to one session brings in the age old natural craft of using flower and seed essences to work holistically to create wellbeing and harmony.

One to One

CBD Consultation

£85.00 – One to One online consultation

During the consultation time is taken to explain the uses and benefits of CBD using the knowledge gained during my cannabinoid certification course.

I will make sure the best oil is carefully selected insuring knowledge, wisdom and complete confidence is given.